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פתרונות תחבורה לאירועים

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Building and managing shuttle systems is a complex event.

With the experience we have gained in planning and managing shuttle systems at events such as: the Eurovision Song Contest, the Maccabiah ,, Boom Box Festival, Panjoya Festivals and more. We know how to analyze the needs for your event, plan the shuttle system tailored to you and manage the operation with our experienced team

Management and supervision of transportation systems

In every production, a large project, there is a transport complexity.

You need to know how to choose the right transportation company, design the transportation system so that it will be efficient and not wasteful, but at the same time it will function perfectly and this requires careful preparation. Finally at the field level, manage and monitor in order for all planning to be carried out. With experience in huge projects of Eshet Tours with thousands of passengers, the World Championship in Lacrosse, Maccabiah and more, we will know how to plan and carry out the entire transportation system for your project.

Transportation from around the country

A significant part of the success of an event is the ways to get to it. In order to attract your audience to buy tickets and to give it a good service in order for it to continue to reach your events, we offer an organized shuttle service from around the country tailored to the type of event and the type of audience. We plan the transportation system, set up the platform for purchasing tickets, manage the customer service and on the day of the event manage the operation

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Kissufim Festival

Planning and management for glory, thanks for the work and professionalism. Thanks to you, we had a quiet time at the festival


Billboard - Day Zero Fest

The shuttles back to Tel Aviv and down to the Dead Sea resort strip were blessedly efficient, leaving no one to melt in the sun.

The Palm Festival

Hello to the transportation team !!
The shuttle service was great, efficient and punctual !!
If the shuttle service did not exist, we could not get to the show

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